Nittany is an advertising specialty artwork company servicing ASI/PPAI/ARA/SAGE suppliers and distributors in the USA.
Nittany is located in Chennai, India with a marketing office in Tampa, FL.

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We are a highly experienced, cost-effective, artwork company based in India. Our focus is to give you a complete range of artwork and design services tailored for the ASI/PPAI/ARA/SAGE industries.
We have the experience/expertise and process 1400 jobs within a 24-hour turnaround time on a daily basis. We understand the timelines of your end clients. We work 24 X 6 and are an extension to your company.
The latest hardware & software support our 105 artists.T1 high speed internet and toll free lines are the lifeline of our business.


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By registering yourself with Nittany you can process your images free of charges.You can upload your image files such as GIF, JPEG, TIF, BMP, etc to us. In Nittany we process your image and place the processed images in your login .The processed images can be downloaded later .


You can create a separate login for you by registering with Nittany. In registration form you will be prompted for username along with password. After successful registration your username and password will be send to your email id. Just login to nittany and you can upload your image files *.jpg, *.gif, *.tif etc., and get it neatly processed by our artwork team. You can download your processed image files from your login

Utilize us for dealing with artwork volumes beyond normal production capacity.
End-of-day artwork jobs can be sent to us and will send camera-ready artwork the next working day before your production begins.
Six-day-a-week servicing
Servicing during American holidays
On time every time delivery
Enhanced delivery capabilities during your peak season and during unexpected demand situations
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